To Me You Are a Work of Art

Publication and website design for a book showcasing Morrissey and The Smiths inspired fan tattoos. Foreword written by Morrissey.

Branding & Book Design

A Tribute to Morrissey

In 2013, Anthony Amor and Julian Chavez set out to capture and document the diverse people and personalities that make up the loyal fan base of Morrissey (and The Smiths) through a photo series of tattoos paying the ultimate tribute. Studio Unlisted collaborated with them in the design of a 192 page hardcover book featuring the tattoos of 140 people from around the United States. Printing was limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.


This book celebrates Morrissey, his legacy, and his fans' permanent tribute to him. The layout of the book showcases the fans and their tattoos in an uncompromising format allowing for the photos speak for themselves.


In addition to overseeing the design and production of the printed book, Studio Unlisted launched a small website and online store for the publication. To Me You Are a Work of Art is available for purchase online and at Ameoba Record’s in Hollywood, California.