User Experience and Interface design for one of the leading performance healthcare systems, designed to help understand, monitor and improve performance at all levels.

Branding, UI Design & UX Design

Maximizing Human Performance

Fusionetics is an online platform that integrates sports science, clinical application, and advanced analytics to deliver solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery. We partnered with them to design a comprehensive mobile, tablet, and desktop experience of their platform that accommodates a wide variety of users ranging from elite professional athletes to at-home patients undergoing physical therapy.


At the heart of the Fusionetics mobile application is a user dashboard that visualizes data captured through practitioner and user tests. The dashboard utilizes a series of panels representing individual tests, creating a fluid scrolling experience that allows users to quickly access all of their scores. Bold swaths of color are used to communicate test scores at a glance.

Creating Clarity from Complexity

The biggest challenge was bringing clarity to a massive amount of complex data and information. We introduced a new look and feel for the desktop platform and mobile application that uses clean typography, flat colors, and simple, easy to read charts and graphs.