FCD Surfboards

In an industry threatened by mass-production and homogenization, the FCD Surfboards site was designed to emphasize their commitment to the finest craftmanship of hand-shaped boards.

Interactive Design & UX Design

Built by Good Friends
& Good Surfers.

Fletcher Chouinard Design Surfboards is unlike any other surfboard company. FCD challenges the current state of the bloated, mass-produced surfboard industry. Their attitude and sincere commitment to building innovative, environmentally conscious, hand-crafted surfboards framed our approach for the visual design of the entire website.

Designing for Community

The design and layout of the website helps tell the story of FCD and highlights the relationship between surfer and shaper. FCD is by surfers for surfers. The site features ways for interested surfers to learn more about their process and connect directly with one of the crew members who will likely be building their surfboard.